Questionable Dedication

It seems this summer – to me, anyway – that I am not dedicated enough to writing to make this work.  Perhaps it is because of all that is going on.  Perhaps it is because I looked at the schedule for the rest of the year and just about died. 

The last few days are an indication of what is going on right now with work and my life, and it’s not pretty.  Case in point:  I worked until 3 a.m., got up at 7 (nevermind it was because of the tree people grinding branches at 6.45), and after a trip outside to confirm it’s too hot and humid to be out there, I dug in.

My head is splitting.  I shut off the phones until I could glue the parts back together. 

I sincerely believe this will be a week of working until midnight, at the very least, and possibly longer.  Whatever possessed me to schedule three books a month for the rest of the year is beyond me.

Ah, well.  The Stewarts have opted to take the month of August, anyway.  They want to be prepared for the Write A Banned Book month event that will be held on the Writer Connect site.  They reason (and correctly) their story would have been banned many times over.  They’ve been reading a little Upton Sinclair.

I’m trying not to burn the candle at both ends.  Burnout attacks quickly if you do that. 

Relax, Maggie.  It will all happen as it should, and when the Stewarts come home, you will be ready.


About The Inimitable M

But you see, it's *not* all about me. It's about books, films, life, the cat, my kids, my partner, my business. Oh, and Steampunk. Really
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2 Responses to Questionable Dedication

  1. Lanie says:

    This Summer has been very wonky. I normally do so many things like camping and playing at the pool. None of these things have happened in great frequency since I began writing. I have reading upon reading to finish. Siva Sutras to the Tantraloka…it’s so much and it’s all in sanskrit so I have to dig up translations of muck through it with part me and part translations. ugh! May this Summer end and bring you some peaceful time to relax.<3

  2. Sue McGoo says:

    I hope you’ll try to take it easy on yourself:) -Besides, when it just comes to you, it’s so much better.

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