No one was harmed…

The last few days without Internet and phone were interesting.  Pioneer days…almost.  I had electricity, and even though I wasn’t supposed to have satellite television, it was mysteriously there until Wednesday, three days longer than it was supposed to be on.  Go figure.

Monday was the last very hot day.  Tuesday it rained, and I actually couldn’t go anywhere.  I tell you what.  The old place felt very empty with everything packed and ready to go.  The last loads were staged and planned so that the very last one was the business, clohing, a suitcase and Gizzie. 

Or so I thought.  When you have so many closets you forget one, you end up with more in the last load.  I still think I forgot a place, but who knows?  I’m sure I will think of it later, but it doesn’t matter.  I’m done.  “The End”, as they say.

I had to laugh.  Just as I thought, when I moved the sofa, Gizzie’s secret stash appeared.  I threw away the popsicle sticks, bottle caps, mucky old M&Ms, dead ink pens and old hair pins, cleaned up the earrings I lost, washed the change he had piled in one spot and washed his toys and put half of them away.  It’s amazing.  Just like any child, when some of their toys go missing, it’s like having new ones again when they suddenly appear.  He was happy as a clam for days!

I spent time at night with him snuggling and brushing and washing him.  We have a non-traumatic way of washing.  I have a couple of old wash cloths, so after a good brushing and getting the hair cleaned up, we take a bowl of warm water and a washcloth and go over everything, including ears and toes.  It’s a lot like petting him, but with just enough wetness to call it a bath.  It works like a charm.  The last thing I do is spritz a little freshener and detangler.  I’m not keen on his smelling like vanilla, but the smell only lasts an hour or so, and he thinks he’s been to the salon!

I have today and tomorrow to commit to a plan for the Write A Banned Book event in September.  I need to get at it! 

We have been a long time in limbo, and while I have been working “under the radar”, we will finally be back to normal business on Monday!  Lots to do in a few short days, and I’m looking forward to it. 

(P.S.  Don’t forget The Fellowship Fund – link to the right – still exists to support the insanity.  When it has built up enough, we’ll share the fund with others experiencing the insanity!)


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But you see, it's *not* all about me. It's about books, films, life, the cat, my kids, my partner, my business. Oh, and Steampunk. Really
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3 Responses to No one was harmed…

  1. Sue McGoo says:

    This made me smile- do you remember when you first talked about taking Gizzie, and you weren’t sure you and a cat would work out? I love how it ended up:)

  2. Lanie says:

    It’s sort of a good thing that you were without modern conveniances…especially writing about the GD. Gives you an idea what it was like when the Walton’s finished dinner, so exhausted that they all just said goodnight and collapsed into a bedroom with four siblings:P

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